CBM engineering & trading - Dordrecht

Since 2004 CBM engineering & trading is an agent and consultant for high quality pump manufacturers.

These manufacturers produce industrial pumps designed for the refining- and petrochemical industry, oil- and gas production, pipelines, nuclear, fossil fuel power generation, boiler feedwater, reverse osmosis, utilities and other process industries.

CBM aims for the Dutch and Belgian market of engineering contractors, OEM’s and endusers.

CBM, as an intermediate, serves both customer and supplier to the maximum. We ensure your questions will be answered quick and professionally. We see to it that offers will be available in time.
CBM also supports you from enquiry till your purchase order, as well as during the manufacturing- and start-up process.
Because we work as an agent/consultant, the best price / quality ratio will be achieved for you.


UNION Pump: Single-, two, and (axial splitcase) multistage pumps and multistage barreltype.
Vertical single (inline) and multistage pumps.
reciprocating power- and steam driven positive displacement pumps.
manufacturing acc. to API-610 , API 674 and ISO 9001 standards.
MUNSCH: Non-metallic horizontal- and sumppumps.

If you choose CBM you can expect;
  • Personall and direct contact;
  • quick response to your questions;
  • a sound and professional answer;
  • optimum support;
  • the best price / quality ratio.

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